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  Brian K. Seitz, Eatonville, WA, USA  (5 star review on, 2010-04-07)  

 5.0 out of 5 stars Not for the timid, April 7, 2010 ,

This is a book that many in the Executive Suite, BPR and IT communities should read. Unfortunately they will not.  The book is not a short Pop Business culture read. You will not finish this on a plane ride from LA to New York, even if you're stuck in Denver. 
With that warning, reading this book will have you saying "yes I've heard this before, but this is how to turn theory into practice. It provides more a simple tour of how and why information quality is important. If it had come from a consortium it would be called an IQ_BOK as it is a comprehensive treatment on how to actually do something. 
I would list the chapters and go into more depth, but I feel the book stands on its own. Well done Prof English


Serge Pisano, Data Management Unit, Belgium, (5 star review on, 2010-01-21)

5.0 out of 5 stars A book about Business Excellence, January 21, 2010

I highly recommend this book full of practical details, best practices and techniques on how to implement, measure, improve and sustain Information Quality. Larry English is sharing all his wide experience into his book but don't miss the opportunity (like I did), to meet him by participating in his conferences, seminars and certification courses, places where Larry's IQ vision and knowledge will raise you to the state of the art and reinforce your leadership.



Jochen Schmiedbauer, IT Project Leader, Belgium, 2010-01-21

      Being passionate myself about Information Quality and Management, I have bought your latest book and am enjoying my time spent reading it.  Your style is as always:  elaborate, practical, witty and very interesting.

     I am very glad that you are at the forefront and are one of those leaders whom are still leaving a mark on the whole Quality movement.



Thomas Frisendal, Technical Manager of Information Quality Solutions, ApS, Denmark (5 star review on Amazon), 2010-01-13

5.0 out of 5 stars The Information Quality must have

        This is truely a remarkable book. I have been influenced by Larry for quite some years. And yet, the book is refreshing and contains lots of new stuff. For example the parts on quantifying the problems, the step-by-step checklists, and the business area oriented chapters really contribute seriously to the area. I think this is going to become the reference work on information quality for a number of years. Highly recommended.


Greg Thomas, Director of Information Technology, (5 star review on Amazon), 2010-01-12

 5.0 out of 5 stars Chapter 6 shines!,


Many IT professionals are already familiar with Larry English's groundbreaking work through his 1999 book, Improving Data Warehouse and Business Information. Organizations throughout the world have benefited from his information quality measures. English's new book, Information Quality Applied, gives us a clearer picture of how his concepts can be put to practical use.

Step-by-step guides and case studies from project implementations in real companies and organizations give the reader a guide to developing their own projects. The ROI justifications for implementation of information quality measures presented in Chapter 6 are especially timely in this era of tight budgets. Chapter 10 provides insights that can help companies gain competitive advantage through a better understanding of their customers over the entire life of a given product. English keeps the text interesting through the use of humor. The graphics in the book are first-rate, which helps convey some of the more difficult concepts.

In today's hyper-competitive environment, information quality can offer significant advantages to those wise enough to implement the necessary measure to achieve it. I can think of no other text that offers a more concise, practical, and actionable method for achieving information quality that Information Quality Applied.


Graham Rhind, Amsterdam, Netherlands, (5 star review on Amazon), 2010-01-06

  5.0 out of 5 stars Grounded and practical

In this exhaustive book English has looked in-depth at information across the enterprise and offers practical advice for different departments and business areas within enterprises and across the different information forms. He provides examples of the costs of poor information quality and offers step-by-step guidance on putting the theories into practice for improvement, grounded in his wide experience in consulting and training in many different organisations.

The author has a highly grounded, practical and effective vision of information quality, and this book is an excellent addition to the information quality body of knowledge.



Sunil Gupta, Director of Statistical Programming, Quintiles, 2009-12-26.
(5 star review on Amazon)

5.0 out of 5 stars Comprehensive resource for making better decisions

       I have the honor of reviewing Information Quality Applied by Larry English.  While it is difficult to accurately describe Larry's great contributions to business IT improvement, I think 'comprehensive' is the one word that comes to mind.  No other book that I have encountered, comes close to the business analytics and intelligence based on real-world data quality problems and system processes to identify, monitor, and prevent minor issues into becoming potential business meltdown. The inherit risks in all businesses across all industries share a common need for quality data collection, data understanding, customer and management engagement to better make informative, strategic and sound business critical decisions.  Larry's book is an excellent, first class guide that walks you through each of the critical steps to understand and apply best practices in your working environment.  As the subtitle states, 'Timely, Practical, Reliable', this book is all of these and more.  Larry's book also reviews how to control and manage the massive about of data being processed through the internet and e-business. 
       Whether your objectives are to reduce costs, better understand your current systems and processes, or have a bigger impact on your product sales and customer satisfaction, this book is a must. What is the point of being in business if you can not control your outcome?  I consider this book to be the single source for systematically addressing all types of business related data issues across any industry that will improve data collection and analysis.



Data Quality Consultant from Multinational Financial Corporation, 2010-03-01.

I found Larry's latest book to be well researched, equally well written, engaging, and very informative. I would not have thought it possible, but I think the level of scholarship and research that went into this book surpasses Larry's earlier book, Improving Data
Warehouse and Business Information Quality
Larry has organized an impressive amount of valuable information into three very useful sections, each potentially of interest to different audiences:  (1) an Introduction to the principles of Quality Management, (2) a detailed Step-by-Step guide to Processes, Steps, Objectives, Inputs, and Outputs for each component in his methodology and (3) real-world application of his methodology to seven core processes for business effectiveness.  
This book will aid beginners, experienced practitioners, as well as those managing information quality efforts.





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